Purchasing cartoons from this site is easy and inexpensive. Simply browse the archive until you find the cartoon/s that suit your needs, Make a note of it's catagory and description or even take a screen shot of it, email me toons@bigpond.net.au and let me know its intended use. Prices can vary depending on usage. A cartoon for personal use could be $15 where as one being used in a textbook or recurring advertising will be charged at a higher rate. Remember, it costs nothing to find out!

How do I receive my cartoon?

Your cartoon will be sent electronically, high resolution, (suitable for print out and framing or T shirt) in  jpeg, tiff, pdf of gif.

You will also receive a receipt and a statement of permission pertaining to your requested use of the cartoon.

How do I pay?

You can pay via PayPal, (the easiest way) electronic banking (details will be on your invoice) or cheque. As I operate on an, honesty is the best policy, mantra, you will receive your cartoon before you are required to pay.

Editorial or pocket cartoons can be supplied to newspapers and magazines in super-quick time on a daily basis. One of my editorial pocket cartoons for The Australian newspaper won Cartoon of the year, so I realize the importance of speed, quality and relevance. Click here for samples. (editorial category)

Cartoon content for websites, online publications magazines and newspapers: Daily, weekly or monthly cartoons can be supplied in the same format and shape ensuring a seamless, ‘laugh a day’ for visitors to your sites. For DAILY CARTOONS, 365 would be supplied in advance. Click here for samples (society category)


For those who prefer the traditional three-panel, strip, I can also supply the multi-award winning strip, ‘CLANCY’ or the Gen Y loser, ‘GEN WHY?’ Both available daily and in glorious colour.

Can I order a cartoon drawn for my specific use?

Yes, after a description of your needs, I will be able to quote according to the work involved. Rough drafts will be supplied until you give the go ahead for the finished job. This will be included in the quote and you will retain copyright for this type of cartoon. Click here for samples (client category)